Boris Becker is divorcing his wife Lilly.

The couple have announced that they are going their separate ways after 13 years together, and nine years of marriage, but the split is ''mutual and friendly''.

Lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser told German newspaper Bild in a statement: ''This decision was not an easy one for Mr and Ms Becker after 13 years in a relationship and over nine years of marriage. The most important thing for both clients is the well-being of their son Amadeus.''

The couple met in 2005 in Miami and tied the knot four years later in Switzerland in 2009.

Rumours about the pair splitting up have been circling for a while with Boris and Lilly reportedly having spent less and less time together in the run up to them confirming their split.

Last year, the tennis star was declared bankrupt after not paying back an undisclosed debt to a private bank but he later insisted his bankruptcy is a ''misunderstanding''.

He said: ''I am in a position to settle to an amount that I owe. It's a bit like if you go to a restaurant and order a chicken sandwich and a cola and the bill is £10,000. I'd like to go over the bill with the restaurant owner and that chance hasn't been given to me. That's why I call this a big misunderstanding. I'm not running away. I live in the middle of London. I'm not hiding.

''I would like to have an annulment. It's important to me. I could sit it out and say, 'My doctor is telling me I need a holiday; my wife hasn't seen me much.' Theoretically I could do that, but that is the last thing I want to do. To clarify, I want to settle the bill and move on with my life.''

Boris was previously married to ex Barbara for eight years, ending their romance in 2001, and together they share sons Elias, 18, and Noah, 24.