Boyzone are in talks to reunite in 2018.

The Irish band, which features Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch, have held discussions about making a new album next year to mark the 25th anniversary of their formation.

A source revealed: ''Boyzone's comeback is well and truly on for 2018.

''It will be 25 years since they first started out so the lads want to do something extra special.

''Talks have been going on for a while and there are a number of ideas in the works.''

In addition to releasing new music, the band have also discussed writing a tell-all book, going on tour and even creating their own West End show.

Ronan has confirmed the band intend to mark the 25th anniversary, although he insisted they don't have any concrete plans in place at the moment.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Twenty five years! It's such a long time and so much has happened.

''I'm sure we'll mark it in some way. But whether by tour, record, book, musical ... we haven't decided yet.''

Last year, meanwhile, Ronan admitted he didn't enjoy his time in Boyzone as much as he ought to have done because he was so focused on the job.

He shared: ''Our first six years we were so young, we were driven into this situation ... a manufactured pop group and we just travelled non stop.

''I took on an awful lot of responsibility - it wasn't asked of me - I just did it and because of the stress and pressures before I knew it the six years were gone.

''I had an old head on young shoulders. Kids should be kids.''

Asked what advice he would offer to pop stars of today, Ronan said: ''Have fun, enjoy it.''