Brad Pitt has defended director Terrence Malick's decision to stay away from his own film premiere at the Cannes Film Festival today (16th May 2011). Malick's highly anticipated new movie 'The Tree of Life' was met with a scattering of "harsh, prolonged boos" after its first press screening, according to the Associated Press.
Terrence Malick, who has a habit of remaining out of sight for his film premieres, was noticeably absent from the movie's eagerly awaited debut screening. It is only the press-shy director's fifth film in nearly 40 years and his first at Cannes since 1979's 'Days of Heaven'. Malick also failed to attend the post-screening press conference, leaving producer Sarah Green and Brad Pitt to face the critics. The 47-year-old actor defended the director's attitude towards attending his own premieres, saying, "I don't know why it's accepted that people who make things in our business are then expected to sell them, and I don't think that computes with him. It is an odd thing for an artist to start something and then be salesman". Much of the film's negative criticism has been aimed at Malick's "cosmic sequences" that last for 15 minutes or more without any dialogue or even a human face being seen.
Brad Pitt will soon begin work on Marc Forster's zombie apocalypse movie 'World War Z'. The big-budget film, which also stars Mireille Enos and Anthony Mackie is tentatively scheduled for release in 2014.