Brad Pitt has revealed details of the storyline to Terrence Malick's 'Tree of Life'.

The film - which is rumoured to be featured at this year's Cannes Film Festival - has been in the works for some time, but little has been known about The Script until now.

Brad confirmed to Empire Online the film is a "tiny little story" and noted Heath Ledger was originally meant to star in the movie.

He said: "It's this little tiny story of a kid growing up in the 50s with a mother who's grace incarnate and a father who's oppressive in nature. So he is negotiating his way through it, defining who he's gonna be when he grows up.

"And that is juxtaposed with a little, tiny micro-story of the cosmos, from the beginning of the cosmos to the death of the cosmos. So that's where the sci-fi - or the sci-fact - comes in.

"Heath was gonna do it at one point, and then he was pulling out for one reason or another, so I just stepped in."

Brad stars alongside Sean Penn and Joanna Going in the movie, which was also written by Malick.

'The Tree of Life' is due for release this year.