The 35-year-old has axed dates on her North American tour from 8 to 17 September (16) so she can have a break following her concert in Minnesota on Friday (02Sep16) until her next scheduled show in November (16) in London.

She took to Facebook to apologise for the cancellations and explain she is unable to put on a "focused" show as she deals with a cyst, which she claims is a result of putting off problems stemming from her battle with endometriosis, and will need the two months off to recover from surgery.

"In the last few months I've started having some back and pelvis problems from endometriosis that were slow evolving and didn't seem super serious," she wrote. "I ended up with a hemorrhagic cyst in July but because I had good days and bad days and it wasn't super painful or damaging, I was sure I could get through September. The trouble is that it just got worse and worse and I was putting off getting a simple surgery so that I could do what I love and finish the tour."

She also told fans to appreciate living in the western world with access to reproductive healthcare and to make sure they get check ups.