British actress Brenda Blethyn was threatened with arrest after mistaking a passer-by for a film extra and offering to sell cannabis. The Little Voice star was filming 2000 movie Saving Grace on the streets of west London, in which she played a women forced into drug dealing to avoid financial ruin. One scene required her to approach 40 extras with her wares, but Blethyn found it hard to distinguish actors from real shoppers on the busy streets of the British capital. She recalls, "How do you recognise 40 strangers milling around another 500? I went up to people saying, 'Take me to your dealer.' I scored twice! "Then someone tried to do a citizen's arrest on me. The director Nigel Cole came running out and said, 'No, she's making a film.' "The person said, 'I don't care what she's doing.' He was very upset."