English actress Brenda Blethyn was stunned at how differently she was treated as an Oscar nominee in Hollywood after she missed out on the Academy Award. Blethyn has been nominated twice at the Oscars for SECRETS + LIES and Little Voice in 1997 and 1999, but lost out both times to Juliette Binoche and DAME Judi Dench respectively. In the run-un to the prestigious ceremony, Blethyn admits she was treated like royalty, however as soon as she lost, she was a 'nobody'. She explains, " It's (Hollywood) a very strange place. Like, for instance, when we were going to the Oscars, while you're nominated it's always, 'Ms Blethyn this, Ms Blethyn that. Can I get you a chair?' "But when you don't win it's, 'Get out of the way, Ms Blethyn.' A bit of that goes on. 'Excuse us,' as they walk over you."