BRET MICHAELS, the former frontman of band Poison, is to undergo heart surgery in January, reports E! News. The 47-year-old's publicist said that the procedure is "for the hole in his heart", a condition that Michaels has suffered from all of his life. The singer has experienced a number of medical troubles in recent years, in 2009 he was rushed to hospital for an emergency appendectomy and just a few months later, after complaining of headaches, doctors discovered he had suffered from a brain haemorrhage.
Michaels, who also suffers from Type 1 diabetes, still appears to be keeping busy whilst waiting for surgery. He's currently in the middle of his ROSES & THORNS tour and his new VH1 show 'Life As I Know It' premieres on October 18th 2010. His spokesperson added, "The next thing he has is his book tour (beginning) March 15, on his birthday. After the holidays, he'll do this and then have time to heal before the whole book publicity campaign."
Michaels first gained fame as the lead vocalist of the glam metal band POISON, but he has also released numerous solo albums and in 2004 had a hit single with the track 'All I Ever Needed', a duet with Jessica Andrews.