Brian Wilson's daughters Carnie and Wendy have expressed their disappointment at guitar great Jeff Beck after he publicly questioned the Beach Boys legend's mental state following their joint tour last year (13).

Beck hit headlines last month (May14) when he opened up about the old pals' "nightmare" tour, claiming the notoriously private Wilson, who has suffered decades of mental health issues, hardly spoke to him while on the road, adding, "He's clearly in need of attention. But that's just my opinion."

The Good Vibrations rocker has yet to respond to Beck's comments, but his singer daughter Carnie Wilson has taken aim at Beck for failing to take up any issues he might have had with her father in private.

She tells the New York Daily News, "It is crass and out there. I thought they had a good time on tour."

Carnie's sister and Wilson Phillips bandmate Wendy adds, "I think you have to support your colleagues and the people you work with. It is in good taste to say nice things about them, even if you think otherwise."

Carnie insists their father is doing well, but she has been urging the 71 year old to take it easy: "(He) is doing Ok. He is laying back a little bit, which is about time. I want him to do that.

"He has been on the road for 15 years, and he has continued to do whatever he wants. I like to make him dinner and hang out... I want him to slow down."