The Trainwreck star has won acclaim for her role in the drama, about a woman who is kidnapped at 17 and is kept locked up in a room for seven years with her child, fathered by her captor. After regaining her freedom, she agrees to an interview with a TV news crew, and it was during that scene that Brie really wanted to show how tough the experience had been for her character through the condition of her skin.

"I wanted that to be the scariest she ever looked," she explained during a round table discussion on TV series Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter. "You see her with no make-up and like, not how you normally see an actress in a film, just like, raw skin, clogged pores.

"I didn't wash my face for a long time just to get it all gross. At first you're sort of like, 'Eurgh, gross', and then you sort of adjust to it and then by the time she has make-up on (for the interview scene), you're like, 'Why does anyone put make up on ever (in that situation)?' It's just the most bizarre thing to me. I think that's when she looks the most horrific, it's the ugliest she ever is..."