Brie Larson and her 'Kong: Skull Island' castmates grew to be really close because they were shooting in locations without WiFi.

The Oscar-winning actress loved shooting the part of the blockbuster - which also stars the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John C. Reilly and John Goodman - in Vietnam as the remote location meant the cast were forced to interact more than they would have done elsewhere.

Speaking to the new issue of HELLO! magazine, she said: ''Vietnam in particular is special because it has never been captured on film before in this way. We tried to get nature in its raw form, its wildness and show the diversity of the island. It did [bring us closer]. There is no self-service or WiFi when you're so deep in the jungle, it's too far away to go back to your trailer so you're just all in a tent together. I got to be back in touch with nature again, it's not usual to do that at work.''

And when filming moved to Australia, the group enjoyed a lot of fun outings, including having a Queensland theme park closed specifically for their use.

Brie - who along with her co-stars also filmed in Hawaii - said: ''We did a lot of fun things on weekends, like going to Lazer Tag. We went go-karting lone time, but one of my favourites was when Movie World closed for us and we got to go on the roller coasters as many times in a row as we wanted.''

The 27-year-old beauty enjoyed go-karting because she won one race, and maintains she only lost the second because she was at a disadvantage.

She said: ''I did win first place go-karting and then in the next race I didn't. In the larger race I got a c**ppy car - just so everyone is clear. It had nothing to do with my skills, it was just that I got a faulty car ... But I'm OK about it. I'm not mad. I should have won but it's fine. I think all my years of playing 'Mario Kart' helped. I was focused.''

Tom - who plays former SAS Captain James Conrad - previously revealed that Brie is a great go-kart raced but he was useless behind the wheel.

He said: ''We're from different places in the world, thrown together in the valley of a dormant volcano - you get close pretty quickly. We bonded off set. Brie organized weekends of activities, we'd go go-karting - I was terrible. Brie's actually really good at it.''