Brie Larson knew she wanted to direct a movie when she starred in '13 Going on 30'.

The 29-year-old beauty played one of the Six Chicks in the 2004 romantic comedy - which is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Tuesday (23.04.19) - alongside lead star Jennifer Garner, and the Oscar-winning actress remembers vividly how fascinated she became by the filmmaking process because of her stint on set.

She said: ''I was [in '13 Going On 30']. I remember it was like the moment when I realised that I really wanted to direct. I remember paying a lot of attention to where the camera was and the camera moves, thinking about how I would have cut it together and then seeing the movie and seeing how it differed from what I thought.''

Brie - who made her directorial debut with 'Unicorn Store' - can next be seen returning as Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel in 'Avengers Endgame' and was ''excited'' about seeing the movie for the first time at its world premiere in Los Angeles on Monday (22.04.19).

Speaking on the red carpet, she told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It's wild. There's nothing like it. There's no movie like it. It's been years. I don't know what the movie is. I have no idea what's going to happen, so I'm excited to see it.''

Brie previously admitted that she hopes 'Captain Marvel' will spark a global conversation about the need for diversity and representation in Hollywood.

She said: ''I'm just doing what I can do, based upon my experience and my one body, which is why representation on screen is so important. With films like this, that do end up going international, because a lot of the time, with smaller movies, you don't know if they will or not, it means you get to have a really extensive conversation, and I'm so grateful that this film has so many pockets in it.''