Directing fat jokes at Bristol Palin may have cost Kathy Griffin her New Year's Eve gig.

The controversial US comedienne - who slammed the 20-year-old political activist for putting on weight during her time on 'Dancing With The Stars' - may have damaged her chances of presenting news channel CNN's New Year's Eve special, as her comments are said to have angered show bosses.

An insider told gossip website Pop Eater: "CNN executives were considering giving her another chance. That was until her Bristol weight comment a few days ago that reminded everyone exactly why they had barred her in the first place".

Kathy was booed by US servicemen and women in attendance at last weekend's VH1 'Divas Salute The Troops' concert after mocking the young star for seemingly gaining weight.

She said: "She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight. She's like the white Precious."