Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter never ''got around'' to getting legally married.

The former couple split over the summer after having tied the knot in Indonesia in 2018, but in the season finale of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' - which was filmed before the pair broke up - they admitted they were yet to secure the paperwork to make their union official in the US.

Kaitlynn said in a confessional: ''Right before we went to Indonesia to get married, we started talking about getting our license here in the States, but we had a lot of like financial things that we needed to work out. We realised like, you know, we just want to focus on being excited about Indonesia and our wedding there, so let's just deal with it when we get back. But we haven't gotten around to it yet.''

Brody then brought up co-star Audrina Patridge's ongoing divorce from Corey Bohan, when he said: ''It sounds like such a headache, what Audrina's going through now.''

To which 31-year-old Kaitlynn argued: ''But Audrina's going through a divorce, and that's what I'm saying, you can't look at it like that.''

And Brody added: ''No, I know, but you have to also like be realistic. Let's just say, 10, 15 years down the line, it's like, who knows what's going to happen.''

But despite seeming as though he already had concerns about the longevity of their romance, Brody later poured his heart out to pal Spencer Pratt, insisting he doesn't love Kaitlynn any less just because their marriage isn't official.

He said: ''We met with attorneys and s**t like that two weeks before we left for Indonesia, went and got married in Indonesia, and ever since then we've both been incredibly busy. We just haven't gotten around to going to do it in the whole courthouse or however we're going to decide to get legally married. Like I said, whether you put it on a piece of paper or have just a celebration in Indonesia, we're married and she's my wife and I love her to death ... We've just got to get some things sorted out.''

The season finale also addressed rumours of Brody, 36, sleeping with other women, and Kaitlynn insisted any third party in their relationship was brought in with her consent.

Ashley Wahler asked her: ''So does Brody have sex with other women?''

To which Kaitlynn said: ''Not without me being involved, okay? Everything with me and Brody is under my control, let's put it that way.''

She later added to the cameras: ''There's not one part of our relationship that I'm ashamed of or that I would do differently. I just think that the world isn't necessarily ready to hear about all that. Not everybody is so open-minded or accepting of other people. But as long as what we're doing is working for us, that's the most important thing.''

Since their break up, Kaitlynn has been romancing Miley Cyrus - who also recently split from her estranged husband Liam Hemsworth - and Brody has struck up a relationship with model Josie Canseco.