JAKE GYLLENHAAL struggled to enjoy filming new movie Brokeback Mountain, because of director Ang Lee's cold and distant work manner.

The 25-year-old actor was shunned by the movie-maker soon after filming started, and insists his co-star Heath Ledger was also subjected to Lee's cold defection.

But Gyllenhaal credits Lee's unconventional approach with making the movie a huge success.

He says, "Ang purposely makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Yesterday, he said to me that he felt so good when making this movie, which is funny because Heath and I were talking about it too and saying how it was really hard for us. I don't think "good" would be the right way to say how we felt when we were making it.

"Ang disengages with his actors as we start filming. As soon you start shooting he backs off; he just doesn't do anything with you, you're just alone."

Brokeback Mountain has been nominated for seven Golden Globe awards next year (16JAN05).