Bruce Springsteen considers himself to be ''too old'' to listen to Taylor Swift.

The 68-year-old icon once attended a Taylor concert alongside his 25-year-old daughter Jessica and although he can appreciate her talents as a fellow songwriter, he admits Taylor's music isn't really suited to his taste.

Bruce explained: ''When my daughter was in college, she took me with all of her girlfriends, and it was a fantastic show.

''Her audience experiences her songwriting very, very personally, and I think she's speaking to a large part of them very personally.

''As far as craft, [her songs are] really, really well-built and well-made; they're very, very sturdy, and the records are too.

''I admire the modern record-making craft and modern songwriting. It's not necessarily something I'm driving around listening to in my car 24-7 - I'm too old, I tend to listen to older music.''

Bruce has two other children - Evan, 27, and Sam, 23 - with his wife Patti Scialfa.

And the music legend admitted they have also helped to introduce him to different sounds over the years.

He told Variety: ''Through my children I've experienced a lot of different kinds of music.

''My son Evan was a big political/punk fan, he was into Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello - Tom can really write - and he really tuned into the Dropkick Murphys and Against Me.

''My daughter was into Top 40, Taylor Swift and anything that was going on there, so I heard a lot of that through her.

''And my younger son is the classic-rock guy, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan and Creedence - but he got a lot of his music from videogames, from 'Call of Duty' and Vietnam videos, and that's where he got turned onto a lot of '60s stuff.''