The son of British singer Bryan Ferry is fighting for his life after suffering injuries in a head-on car crash on Monday night (22Dec14).

Merlin Ferry, the star's youngest son, is said to be in a "critical" condition following the collision, in which he suffered a head injury and multiple fractures.

Sources tell it took firefighters 45 minutes to extract Merlin from the wreckage of his vehicle in Shropshire, England before he was taken to a local hospital.

Upon arrival, the 24 year old regained consciousness and underwent life-saving surgery before he moved to a critical care unit.

Otis Ferry, Merlin's eldest brother, took to to inform followers of his sibling's accident, posting a photo of the wreckage and writing, "He had a head-on collision, has lots of broken bones and is having an operation on his heart as we speak... He was conscious before he went into theatre and his biggest concern was that he had missed Christmas! He is in the best possible hospital for this type of procedure."

Otis also thanked emergency service workers for extracting his brother "from what looks like a mangled box of tin".

A spokesman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service, says, "On arrival, crews found two cars that had suffered massive damage after a collision. The trapped man was in the first car. He suffered multiple fractures to his legs, pelvis, left arm and had a head injury.

"Working with firefighters, ambulance staff very carefully freed him. He was assessed at the scene and had splints put in place along with advanced pain relief before being taken to the major trauma centre."