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Burden Brothers
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Burden Brothers Mercy Album

Texas supergroup you say? Go on then. Irrespective of whether you know or care of the Burden Brothers' collective histories or previous careers, there something about the sound that grabs you by a suitable body protrusion and shakes you about a little. This is rock, often spelled rawk, with influences as traditional as AC/DC and Zeppelin, and as modern as Soundgarden and the Black Crowes.

It's Vaden Todd Lewis' voice that makes this something special though. With a voice like a Marlboro test-smoker, he rasps his way through a series of both all-out rock numbers and more tender, well-crafted ballads.

The Brothers also manage somehow to miss all the clichés with this record. It's as though they have managed to run out of minefield without losing a single limb. It may well be that good songwriting will always triumph in the end, or the fact that all of their songs are flavoured with a subtle hint of originality, even in this well trodden genre.

A rare treat these days - let the Burden Brothers show you some Mercy.

Richard Edge

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