Busy Philipps feels she's been ''blindsided'' by the E! network.

The 40-year-old actress has taken to her Instagram account to reveal how she discovered that her late-night talk show, 'Busy Tonight', was being cancelled by the network.

Busy shared: ''On APRIL 5, 2019! I flew to Dallas to shoot commercials over the weekend for Michael's. When my plane took off, the song that came on shuffle was my favorite Deerhunter song He Would Have Laughed. I felt like it was a good sign. When I landed, my manager texted me to call her. Which I did. And she told me E! would not renew my show after the order was finished in a month. It was effectively cancelled. I was blindsided, especially since the last text I had from the head of E(who's now gone) was about marketing for busy tonight that he was excited to tell me about. (sic)''

Busy admitted the news prompted her to order three tequilas at her hotel's bar, where she also decided to call her husband, film director Marc Silverstein.

But it was her 11-year-old daughter Birdie who helped Busy to overcome the drama, as she wrote a letter to the TV network.

The actress - who has been married to Mark since 2007 - wrote in her Instagram post: ''My girl knows something about her mom- I work hard AF and love to prove people wrong and finally, the men will always try to f**k you over so f**k em and figure out something else. Which is exactly what ['Busy Tonight' showrunner] Caissie [St. Onge] and I have been doing. And next year; in 2020 we will finally be able to share it. So Happy New Year everyone!! (sic)''