The Cannes Film Festival is about glitz, glamour, celebrity and, above all, film. But this year’s event has been blighted some truly bizarre criminal acts.

First of all there was the million-dollar jewelry heist, then a crazed gunman, claiming he had a grenade, has people scuffling for safety. The scary events unfolded at a life TV event, at which Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz was appearing. "I was on a panel at the Studio Canal platform off the beach when a man produced a gun,” explained Waltz. "I think it was a pistol and he fired but luckily for me they were blanks. Then he shouted he had a grenade and again luckily for me there was no grenade. The police have him. They tackled him to the ground." The Cannes festival jury member, added: "I don't know who he was or where he came from or what his problem was." Witness Arthur Laiguesse said: "The bodyguards jumped over the barriers into the crowd and pulled him to the ground. The police arrived and told everyone to run because there was a grenade in his hand."

Christoph WaltzWaltz has been a late bloomer, but has reached his potential recently

Cannes was already plunged into controversy when a jewellery heist left millions of dollars worth of jewellery in criminal hands. A company spokeswoman, Raffaella Rossiello, insisted the value of the pieces had been exaggerated and "the jewellery stolen is not part of the collection... worn by actresses during the Cannes Film Festival".