Cult sci-fi flick Serenity might get a sequel, it has emerged.

The 2005 film has a huge fanbase, despite having no big-name stars and being a spin-off from the criminally-cancelled series Firefly.

But as the release of the film's special edition DVD nears, one of its stars Alan Tudyk has revealed that another instalment of the adventures of Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and crew could be on the way.

Talking to Moviehole, British actor Tudyk - who plays pilot Wash in both Firefly and Serenity - said: "They had to put [the new DVD] out because they've been selling out of the other one and so Universal's like 'So, let's do another one'. And now… there's now a chance there's going to be another movie."

Creator Joss Whedon had always promised a trilogy of movies but with Serenity garnering relatively disappointing box office receipts - though they were fairly impressive for a spin-off from a little-known series - the likelihood of Universal funding another $40 million (£20 million) film seems slim.

But with Serenity having found as receptive a DVD audience as its predecessor Firefly, a straight-to-DVD sequel could be ideal for all 'Browncoats' (the Serenity equivalent of Trekkies).

While Firefly followed the adventures of Captain Mal and his renegade crew as they travel across the far reaches of the galaxy, the movie spin-off sees the inhabitants of the ship Serenity pursued by the Operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a sinister representative of the totalitarian Alliance.

05/10/2007 12:24:28