Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard were turned away from a strip club in London after they demanded free entry.

The 24-year-old supermodel took the blonde actress to the popular lap dancing club SophistiCats in Marylebone on Friday (19.08.16) to celebrate her divorce from Johnny Depp but her plans were scuppered when they were refused ''immediate'' admission.

SophistiCats owner Simon Langer told the MailOnline: ''We welcome anyone as long as they are respectful but Cara and her friends weren't behaving how we would expect the majority of our clients to behave.

''Unfortunately the club was full and there was a small queue outside but Cara was adamant that they should be let in immediately and without having to pay the £20 entry price.''

Cara then screeched at the door staff because she couldn't believe they had no idea who she and Amber, 30, were.

Mr. Langer explained: ''Cara kept telling the staff, 'Don't you know who I am? I'm Cara Delevingne. I'm Cara and this is my friend Amber who's just got divorced!'

''She kept on telling our staff how famous they were but I'm afraid we are quite used to that. Then she said: 'Let us in. We just want to see some girls dancing and have some fun!' ''

Cara and Amber arrived at the saucy venue with Margot Robbie and 12 other friends but things turned nasty before they even arrived as staff told them they could only secure a table if they bought a bottle of champagne - the rules that apply to all customers that want the added extra at the club.

Mr Langer said: ''Cara wasn't having any of it and kept turning round to the other girls in amazement.

''She was getting quite angry and agitated but there was nothing we could do about it.

''In the end we told them all to go away because they didn't want to pay and she swore and threw her hands up.''