Cara Delevingne has a ''nipple detector'' in her mind.

The 23-year-old model-come-actress - who plays the role of the Enchantress and her alter ego June Moon in 'Suicide Squad' - has admitted she has a super power and has revealed she has acquired the skill of discovering exactly where a person's nipple is ''right away''.

Cara's co-star Karen Fukuhara announced the news of her colleagues secret talent via social media, and posted a clip on her Instagram account with the caption: ''#tittytalk @caradelevingne @margotrobbie (sic)''.

In the video the blonde beauty said: ''I bet anyone who has a T-shirt on, I can find their nipple right away, I have like a nipple detector in my mind.''

Meanwhile Cara - who is currently dating St Vincent, also known as Annie Clark - has admitted the production's director David Ayer told her to strip down in a forest at night to get into character, although her part had yet been confirmed.

Speaking previously about how she prepared for the role in the fantasy crime thriller, she said: ''I feel like I got a bit more information about one [role] than the other. The first thing that David mentioned to me before I got the role was only about the Enchantress side. It was more about finding that part of myself studying addiction and desperation and that void.

''One of the first things he [Ayer] said was, 'Go to the forest, the country, hopefully under the full moon, naked and feel what that feels like. And I was like 'this is f***ing awesome! Ok, I'm going to do that!'

''And I didn't even have the part yet. That character was a lot more freeing in a way.''

And the 'Paper Towns' star car has revealed she found one side of her character easier to play than the other.

She explained: ''I felt like one was slightly more simple than the other.''