Cara Delevingne believes her modelling career was a ''very fortunate accident''.

The 24-year-old catwalk icon has admitted she didn't intend to be a model when she was younger and her successful career at the helm of the fashion industry happened by mistake, although she has hinted she is proud of the success she has had with her job, she ''always'' wanted to be an actress instead.

Speaking about her occupation, the blonde-haired beauty - who has graced the catwalk for luxury labels including Burberry, Chanel and Fendi - said: ''Acting is what I've always wanted to do. Modelling happened by accident, a very fortunate accident.''

Although the 'Suicide Squad' star - who portrayed the Enchantress in the fantasy film based on the DC Comics anti-hero team - plans to concentrate on her acting career, she has revealed she has not entirely stopped modelling and will happily star in a fashion or beauty campaign if she is called upon again.

She explained to OK! magazine: ''I haven't stopped modelling for good. It's not my focus right now but I'm lucky I can come back from time to time if anybody wants to work with me. But acting is what I'm concentrating on, it's what I've always loved.''

However, even when the British star is acting she relies on make-up and her experience using various cosmetics to help her get into character.

She previously explained: ''Make-up really helps me get into character for my acting roles.

''It's like putting on another skin, another armour, which helps me transform into any character.''

But if she has a day off, Cara prefers to go bare-faced.

She said: ''On my days off, I like to keep things simple and let my skin breathe, so I'll go make-up free.

''I always keep a mascara in my bag for when I need to quickly turn things around from day to night.

''Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara is my trusted favourite.''