Cardi B and Offset row about who ''dresses better''.

The 'I Like It' hitmaker has revealed her and her husband have arguments about who looks better but when they make appearances together, they try to coordinate their outfits so they look good when they step in front of the cameras on the red carpet.

She said: ''His style is real hypebeast. It's good hypebeast, but sometimes we disagree on certain things. We be going at each other because sometimes it's like, who dressed better? It's been getting a little intense but when an outfit is really good we give each other so many compliments. We're each other's biggest fans. And when it comes to the red carpet, there have been certain times that we don't know, [don't] communicate with each other, so when we're together on the red carpet the outfits don't look good. We started speaking more about it, like, 'Hey, if I'm going to wear an extravagant outfit you should be really cut clean.' If he's going real extra, I'll go real clean.''

And the 27-year-old rapper says it has become ''a new hobby'' dressing her daughter Kulture Kiari, 15 months, and described it as ''dressing a doll''.

Speaking at the Forces of Fashion conference, she added: ''It's been my new hobby lately. When I shop, I usually put the outfits on my bed and spread them out and say this would look good with this type of coat, and now I'm not even doing it as much.

''I'm just doing it with her stuff, and I'm just waiting for these fur coats to come in. I'm going to be styling, but yeah it's so fun. It's like dressing a doll all over again.''