Cardi B doesn't want to ''insult her husband'' in her music.

The 26-year-old rapper is married to Migos member Offset - with whom she has three-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari - and has said she ''can't rap about certain things'' because she wants to make sure she doesn't upset her partner.

She said: ''I can't rap about certain things, because I don't want to insult my husband.''

The 'Bodack Yellow' hitmaker also insisted she can't use male models in her music videos, because she doesn't want to hurt Offset's feelings.

She added: ''And when I want to do a music video, I can't use a male model and do crazy things.''

But Cardi says the decision is mutual between herself and her husband, as he knows she'll ''beat his a**'' if he gets too close to female models in Migos' music videos.

Speaking to W magazine, she said: ''He knows better than to do certain things in music videos. I'll beat his a**.''

The 'Bartier Cardi' rapper has always been outspoken about double standards in music, and previously said she wants to make sure women feel ''empowered'' by listening to her music.

She said: ''No man wants to accept they could be getting used for money. But it's OK for them to let us know that they use us? It's in their lyrics, in the way they act. They always talk about what they want to do to women - they want to have sex with them, they want oral sex, then 'f**k you, b***h'. Well, this is what women want to do to men: buy me a bag and go about your day.

''I don't want to influence women to do something - I want you to feel that empowerment, like you could do that. A lot of women don't do it because they don't know how to, but a lot of women wish they could.

''Because nobody likes to spend they own money!''

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Cardi took to the stage for the first time since giving birth as she wowed crowds at Global Citizen Festival in New York City.