The Italian-French singer and model, 48, married the former French president, 61, in February 2008 after a whirlwind romance, just months after Nicolas had divorced his second wife Cecilia.

Carla appears to have settled down after a wild youth and flings with the likes of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, and it appears her free-loving years are behind her. So much so that her politician husband should think twice about cheating on the ageless beauty - when asked how she would react if Sarkozy had an affair in a new Elle France magazine interview, she said, "I could do extreme gestures, like cut his throat or his ears when he's asleep for example.

"I think you should avoid to cheat if you can, it's too dangerous. It's a road to a break up. Also, fidelity, this is a sine qua non (essential) condition for a wedding (sic), I guess. Why cheat and lie whereas you have the possibility to choose your life, get married or not, have kids or not."

Meanwhile, Carla insists she and Nicolas make the perfect couple, because neither of them are bothered about living up to others' expectations and fitting in.

"I am a b**tard and I like b**tards by the way," Carla explains. "My husband is also a kind of half-blood, he doesn't look like all these elites, as we say, he doesn't belong to the establishment and I love it!"

Nicolas was the French President from 2007 to 2012, when he was voted out in favour of current leader Francois Hollande. He has since returned to politics and will be running in the country's next presidential election in 2017.

Carla won't be much use helping him run the country, however, as she admits she struggles to help Aurelien, her 14-year-old son from her relationship with French philosopher Raphael Enthoven, with his homework.

"It's obvious I can't help them (her kids)," she explains. "I can't make a division or a simple multiplication, I never knew, I think. With my eldest son, I was looking discreetly on my phone."