Cate Blanchett's cover shot for the current issue of Intelligent Life magazine is completely natural, with the star opting against being photoshopped to hide wrinkles and blemishes. In a week that has seen Demi Moore rendered unrecognizable in a heavily photoshopped campaign for Helena Rubinstein, it will please many to see Blanchett go au- naturale.

Editor for Intelligent Life, Tim de Lisle, explained the reasoning behind the cover, saying, "When other magazines photograph actresses, they routinely end up running heavily Photoshopped images, with every last wrinkle expunged. Their skin is rendered so improbably smooth that, with the biggest stars, you wonder why the photographer didn't just do a shoot with their waxwork". During the accompanying interview, the Hollywood actress talks about her job as artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company and de Lise explained how the shoot hoped to capture Blanchett in her working environment, saying, "She looks like what she is.a woman of 42, spending her days in an office, her evenings on stage and the rest of her time looking after three young children.We can't be too self-righteous about it, because, like anyone else who puts her on a cover, we are benefiting from her beauty and distinction. But the shot is at least trying to reflect real life".

The retouching of images has been hotly debated in the fashion and beauty business for many years, though it appears Israel are one of the first countries to take action. According to the Huffington Post, publications in the country carrying manipulated images must now include a written notice disclosing the details of the changes. Cate Blanchett is currently shooting Peter Jackson's forthcoming Lord of the Rings movie 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'.