Cate Blanchett's role as Lady Galadriel in Peter Jackson's latest Middle Earth adventure taught her some useful parenting tips as she used her elf character's voice to control her children.

The actress was surprised to discover Galadriel would be making a re-appearance in Jackson's The Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as the elf does not feature in the classic children's book.

Blanchett has had three boys since she shot the first of the Rings trilogy in 2001, and admits being a parent allowed her to view the filmmaking process in a completely different light.

She tells the New York Daily News, "Everyone says that children are the most profound markers of time. And in between the first suite of films and this suite of films, I had three boys. And so they came for the whole eight days (of filming), and to see it through the prism of their experience, that was pretty extraordinary."

The star confesses she has exercised the deep voice she affected for her character in the film in order to attract the attention of her four-year-old son Ignatius Martin, adding, "I've realised when I talk to my children, I say, 'Natius (in a normal voice, then repeated in a lower tone) 'Ignatius,' you have to lower the register - and suddenly he'll turn."