Chadwick Boseman ''never'' saw himself as an actor.

The 'Black Panther' star admits he didn't consider a career in the film industry or on stage because he wasn't ''raised to be the centre of attention''.

He said: ''I didn't ever see myself on stage, or in front of the camera. Part of that is personality. I wasn't necessarily raised to be the centre of attention.

''But I always had a story, a song, or a soundtrack going on in my head. I just never saw it as something you were supposed to do.''

And the 41-year-old actor loves using his Hollywood fame to support his parents.

He added to The Times newspaper's Saturday Review: ''Being able to do things for your family is more significant to me. My parents were always frugal when I was growing up. They sacrificed a lot for us. So paying for something my dad wants is very meaningful to me. He can't grasp it, though. Like, 'I can still fix this old car!' And I have to say, 'No, Dad. Let's do away with that. We're getting a new one!'''

Meanwhile, Chadwick previously confessed he was surprised that a studio backed 'Black Panther', in which he plays the titular character.

He said: ''I never thought I would see a studio say, 'Yeah, we are going to put the money behind this movie with a mostly black cast.' Sometimes, as African-Americans, we have the 'black version' and it's never as good. They never put as much into it and so it made me more idealistic and I think that's aspirational for not just myself, but for other people, and not just film but in other arenas ... We wanted to make a superhero movie but that's not the most important thing here. People will love the superhero movie if they get this other thing from it.''