Chadwick Boseman says the response of moviegoers helped to make 'Black Panther' ''special''.

The 40-year-old actor - who starred as T'Challa in the widely acclaimed Marvel film - won the Best Hero award at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles for his role in 'Black Panther', and Chadwick used part of his acceptance speech to thank fans for their support.

He shared: ''You made this movie special. You made this moment special.

''When 'Black Panther' came out, we wanted to make sure that we did a movie that everybody could embrace so thank you so much for what you did.''

'Black Panther' - which features a predominantly black cast - is already considered to be one of Marvel's biggest success stories.

And Chadwick previously recalled witnessing the world's reaction to the Ryan Coogler-directed movie.

He explained: ''As we premiered the movie in Korea, in London, after the LA premiere, we started to see how the world was going to receive it.

''We knew that a lot of black people were excited about the movie. But I think when we started to see the response overseas, that's when I started to go, 'Oh, wow, this is a big deal.'''

Chadwick said that the success of the film disproved some of the attitudes he's witnesses within the movie business.

He confessed: ''Studios will very often tell you that movies with a black lead are not going to work overseas.

''So I think that was the thing for me - this means something everywhere in the world.I know at that point that it could actually change how studios respond to our movies.''