Chance the Rapper was forced to eat broccoli after losing a bet to Megan Thee Stallion.

The Chicago native isn't a fan of vegetables and the rising US star thought it would be fun to make him eat the greens if she got her verse for a song on his upcoming album, 'The Big Day', completed on time.

Alongside a clip of the 'Blessings' hitmaker eating a broccoli stalk, she wrote on Instagram: ''Okay y'all this is RARE FOOTAGE@chancetherapper does NOT eat vegetables right and I've been on the road so much that I haven't been able to record a lot rn. I bet him that if I had my verse to him In the amount of time he needed it by he would have to eat broccoli we see who won (sic)''

Chance - whose real name is Chancelor Bennett - is a huge junk food fan, and previously campaigned for US diner Wendy's to bring back their spicy nuggets, and he's also publicly declared his love for Doritos and Kit Kats.

Meanwhile, Chance's debut album will be released on Friday (26.07.19) and features previously released single 'GRoCERIES'.

The record is inspired by Chance's wedding to wife Kirsten Corley - with whom he has three-year-old daughter Kensli - which was attended by the likes of Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West and comedian Dave Chappelle.

He explained previously: ''The whole album has been inspired by the day that I got married and how I was dancing that day.

''[...] It was the hardest I ever danced in my life and I'm a great longtime dancer.

''Everything in it is all the different styles of music that make me want to dance and remind me of that day and remind me of that night and all those people that were there.

''I've been waiting to make an album for a long time. So, the process has been just me being back in the studio all the time.

''Just making two songs a day. And trying to have fun.

''But at the same time, I understand that it's going to be more. More songs. More flexes. More dancing. Just more.''

The 'I'm The One' hitmaker's wife is currently expecting the couple's second child, and he thanked her for giving him all the support whilst making the album whilst she is pregnant.

He wrote on Instagram in April: ''I've been really happy the past few weeks. My wife gave me the go ahead to put everything else on hold and really go to work on my debut album. Its been a lil hard at times, I obviously miss Chicago and family and working on other stuff, but there truly is no joy like making a project.

''Somehow I always forget that i'm so, so good at this. And every night i surprise myself again. (sic)''

Chance admitted releasing the record will be ''bittersweet'' because he enjoys recording so much but he urged his fans to ''thank'' Kristen for letting him focus on the LP while coping with her pregnancy and their daughter with ''so much grace''.

He added: ''July is gonna be bittersweet because as much as i can't wait to be done, the process is the best part!

''Yall should thank Kirsten cause she dont gotta share me wit NOBODY. But she knows what i do and is handling this pregnancy and our family with so much grace. Babe I have to appreciate u supporting me all these years and I swear i can't wait to get juked on to these new songs. (sic)''

The album follows his acclaimed 2016 mixtape 'Coloring Book'.