Secret Eaters- Returning To Channel 4 In February 2013

Secret Eaters- Returning To Channel 4 In February 2013

Yes, we're still hungry!

Channel 4 feasts its eyes on a second series of Secret Eaters Broadcasts February 2013

Presented by Anna Richardson, Secret Eaters returns bigger, fatter and funnier - revealing the eating habits of the nation by putting couples, siblings and pairs of friends under 24-hour surveillance to discover who is a Secret Eater.
Each pair can't understand why they're piling on the pounds, but is there a gap between what they think they eat and what they actually consume? Our series will expose the shocking reality.

With fixed cameras installed inside their homes, our pairs will be secretly tracked the moment they step foot outside by Private Investigators. They'll be using all the latest undercover surveillance tricks to gather evidence of their secret snacking.

When it comes to eating, once we pop most of us can't stop, so the hidden cameras won't just be concentrating on our Secret Eaters' dietary downfalls. This time the cameras will be trained on the public too. In all the places where we throw caution to the wind, like an all-you-can-eat buffet or the office biscuit tin, the series will uncover Britain's outrageous, and often comedic, eating habits.

Anna will once again bring her humour and honesty to the series as she reveals the truth to the Secret Eaters in our Incident Room, which this time is cunningly concealed behind a false wall in a cosy caf' rigged with cameras. With expert dietician Lynne Garton by her side, she'll confront each couple with what they've actually eaten, show them where they've been going wrong, and help us all to understand more about the reasons behind our ever expanding waistbands.

The Secret Eaters will then embark on a healthy eating plan to help them shift the pounds.
Secret Eaters was commissioned by Karoline Copping at Channel 4 and is executive produced by Remarkable Television's Lizi Wootton.