Charlie Watts says Brian Jones' death ''wasn't unexpected''.

The musician died in 1969 after he drowned in his swimming pool, but The Rolling Stones drummer admitted his former band-mate's passing wasn't a real ''shock''.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''Shock? Brian dying? No. It was very sad but it wasn't unexpected. We'd carried him for a few tours and he was quite ill.''

The sticksman admitted he still doesn't know what was ''wrong'' with Brian, who drank heavily and ''got into drugs'' earlier than the rest of the band.

Charlie added: ''We were young, we didn't know what was wrong with him. I still don't really.

''He always suffered from terrible asthma, and he drank heavily on the road and he got into drugs before anyone else in the band.''

Although the music legends were recently announced as Glastonbury Festival headliners this summer, the 71-year-old rocker admitted he still has doubts about their longevity.

He revealed: ''Misgivings? Yeah, oh yeah, I always do. it's a young person's [game].

''The thing I find difficult is that 50 per cent of it is image, not my side of it, but it is, and as you get a bit older you think, 'Oh God!'''