Charlie Watts doesn't want The Rolling Stones to play Glastonbury.

The group's drummer ''doesn't like'' festivals or performing outdoors because it makes his work more difficult, though he insists his opinion isn't shared by the rest of the band, who will headline the world-famous music event on June 29.

He said: ''I don't want to do it. Everyone else does. I don't like playing outdoors, and I certainly don't like festivals. I've always thought they're nothing to do with playing. But that's me, personally.

''When you're a band ... you do anything and everything. But Glastonbury, it's old hat really. I never liked the hippy thing to start with. It's not what I'd like to do for a weekend, I can tell you.

''The worst thing playing outdoors is when the wind blows, if you're a drummer, because the cymbals move ... it really is hard to play then.''

The 'Brown Sugar' star joined the group for a string of dates at London's The O2 and in the US late last year to mark their 50th anniversary but he had ''misgivings'' about taking part, though he also admitted he is regularly filled with doubts about carrying on every time the band head out on the road.

He added in an interview with The Guardian newspaper: ''Have I thought about quitting? I thought that before the O2, but it was actually very comfortable to do. It was good fun, is what I meant to say.

''I always do [have misgivings]. It's a young person's [game].

''You do now seriously have to look at your age, because if this goes on for another two years, I'll be 73. But I say that at the end of every tour. And then you have two weeks off and your wife says, ''Aren't you going to work?''

As well as Glastonbury, The Rolling Stones take to the stage in London's Hyde Park on July 6 as part of the Barclaycard British Summertime Presents festival. Tickets go on sale today (05.04.13) from 9am.