Charlize Theron thinks it's important to tell real-life stories of harassment and intimidation.

The Academy Award-winning actress plays the role of American TV presenter Megyn Kelly in an upcoming drama about the fall of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, and Charlize has revealed why she was determined to become involved with 'Fair and Balanced', which is helmed by Jay Roach.

She explained: ''I think it's an important story.

''It was written really well, and I think it was the writing, and the filmmaker, that made me realise it was in the right hands.''

The upcoming movie focuses on the story of a woman at Fox News who decided to fight back against harassment and intimidation, which led to Ailes being fired by the TV network.

Charlize told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''We need to tell these stories, for sure.''

Meanwhile, Charlize previously claimed that being an immigrant in America encouraged her to work extra hard to make it in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actress has established herself as one of the movie industry's most in-demand stars, but she admitted that her original ambitions were much more modest.

Charlize explained: ''My dream was to pay my bills and not have to get a second job. I loved having the opportunities I got in acting, and I worked hard knowing that those opportunities could be fleeting.

''I could be on a flight back to South Africa. I didn't have a family in the US; I didn't have a support system here. That drove me - I was responsible for myself, and I could not take anything for granted.''