Charlize Theron wants to let her daughter Jackson tell her own story about her gender identity.

The 'Bombshell' star previously revealed her seven-year-old daughter Jackson - who was born a boy - came out as transgender when she was just three, and has now said she doesn't want to tell people about Jackson's experiences before the youngster feels ready to speak about it herself.

During an interview with Pride Source, Charlize was asked: ''I'm curious if having a daughter who happens to be transgender influences your decisions when it comes to taking on the LGBTQ characters you do or, for that matter, don't.''

And she replied: ''Well, this is all pretty new for us, so it hasn't really kind of come into question. I don't really necessarily know if it will.

''My daughter's story is really her story, and one day, if she chooses, she'll tell her story. I feel like as her mother, for me, it was important to let the world know that I would appreciate it if they would use the right pronouns for her.''

Charlize, 44, says she told the world of Jackson's gender because she saw how ''hurt'' her daughter was when people used the wrong pronouns, but wants to let her tell the rest of her story when she's ready.

She added: ''I think it became harder for us the older she got that people were still writing about her in the wrong pronouns, and also I was still talking about her in the press using the wrong pronoun. It really hurt her feelings. I don't want to be that mom, and that was really why I said what I said a while back.

''I haven't really talked about it ever since, again, because outside of just asking that respectfully of the press - and the world, hopefully - the rest is really private and it's her story, and it's really up to her to decide if she wants to share that.''

The 'Atomic Blonde' star also has four-year-old daughter August, who is currently convinced she's going to be married five times, to three boys and two girls.

Charlize - who adopted both of her children - said: ''One of my daughters is convinced that she's gonna be married five times and it's gonna be three boys and two girls, and I just love that she has the freedom to think that way.

''God knows what it's going to be but I love that she feels safe enough to explore in her little-girl brain that anything is possible and that she's gonna go and discover that for herself.''