Cheryl Tweedy loves ''sparkly but subtle'' make-up over the holidays.

The 'Only Human' singer - who has nine-month-old son Bear with partner Liam Payne - embraces a bolder look for festive parties but doesn't want to be too obvious.

She said: ''I do love a bit of Christmas glitter. I'll probably go for a sparkly eye, but in a subtle way, so it glistens rather than shines.

''I'm obsessed with the dark matte lip I wore to the Vogue 100-year anniversary gala, so I like to go with something similar but warmer.

''For an event, I'd wear it with a chocolate smoky eye.''

The 34-year-old beauty admitted she doesn't look too great after a heavy night out.

She said: ''I don't look fresh after a late night!

''I do love it when I have work and they put an under eye patch onme. It makes me feel a bit better anyway.''

The 'Fight for this Love' singer has learned that looking after her diet and exercise regime is the best starting point for her to look her best.

She said: ''What I've now realised is that eating right, exercising right and having good skin is the best starting point.

''Recently, I've started taking a vitamin supplement a friend gave me as a baby gift. They seem to be working amazingly.''

Being a busy new mother, Cheryl has quickly picked up some tips to cut down her grooming regime.

She said: ''I put Bio-Oil in the bath. I don't have time to moisturise all over any more - this does it in one go.''