Ramona and Beezus , starring Joey King and Selena Gomez, is the latest family film to enter a crowded market of family films. Critics generally find the film agreeable but some analysts wonder how many heads of family will be willing to shell out the big bucks that it costs for a family's visit to the theater. "This is a featherweight G-rated comedy of no consequence, except undoubtedly to kids," Roger Ebert writes in the Chicago Sun-Times . Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News has a similar reaction, "It won't change anyone's world, but it'll keep kids happy -- and cool -- for a couple of hours.Mike Hale in the New York Times , however, writes that parents may "be happy to see a movie for children that doesn't involve wizards, vampires or action figures that can be bought in the food court." And Jason Anderson gives the film high grades in the Toronto Star , calling it "Breezy, engaging and surprisingly perceptive despite its largely generic packaging." And Nancy Churnin, remarking that a live action G-rated film "is a might remarkable thing these days" praises Fox and Walden Media "for doing right by Ramona and Beezus. " But Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune risks branding himself as an adult stick-in-the-mud when he writes, "the movie is not bad, but it's not much." That title, Salt, couched of a plethora of puns from critics and their headline writers, including "Salt Fun If Not Quite a Meal" -- Wall Street Journal ; "A small dose of Salt does a long way" -- USA Today ; "Jolie is worth her Salt" -- Los Angeles Times ; Something to go with popcorn -- Chicago Tribune ; "Well processed, low on spice" -- Boston Globe ; "Salt shakes up box office" -- Daily Variety.