Norman Osborn will have a ''an extremely odd introduction'' in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'.

Actor Chris Cooper, who is set to play the infamous comic book villain in the new movie, has revealed his character will make a bizarre impact when he first appears on screen in next year's web-slinging blockbuster starring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

He told MTV News: ''You'll see an extremely odd introduction, which apparently will lead to something more.''

In the 'Spider-Man' comic books, Norman Osborn, the multimillionaire Oscorp owner, eventually transforms into supervillain the Green Goblin.

The character was previously played by Willem Dafoe in the earlier 'Spider-Man' trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire.

Cooper will join the 'Amazing Spider-Man' cast alongside Dane DeHaan, who will play his son Harry Osborn - the role previously played by James Franco.

Garfield, Emma Stone and Sally Field all reprise their roles in the new film.

Jamie Foxx will play the main villain, Electro.

Dafoe recently hit out at Sony Pictures' decision to reboot 'Spider-Man' in 2012, just five years after the original trilogy ended, branding the decision ''cynical''.

He said: ''I saw a trailer for the first 'Spider-Man' reboot and I thought, 'This is crazy! It's not shot for shot, but it's the same story.' I thought, 'This is sort of a cynical approach to making money!' ''