Chris Hemsworth found working with Jeff Bridges to be an intimidating experience.

The Australian actor appears alongside the veteran star in the dark comedy 'Bad Times at the El Royale', and Chris has admitted to being a little overwhelmed about working with such an accomplished performer.

He shared: ''It was very intimidating to walk onto a set with someone who's that talented, who is such a great actor.

''You are instantly absorbed into the scene because of what he is doing and how present he is. His energy and talent forces you to be 100 percent in the moment, to react and act with him. It was a pretty special experience.''

The Drew Goddard-directed film also features the likes of Jon Hamm and Dakota Johnson.

And Chris, 35 - who is best-known for playing Thor in the Marvel movies - relished the experience of working with the star-studded cast.

He told the National newspaper: ''The cast was incredible.

''Every character was an integral piece of this puzzle. If one person had dropped the ball, it wasn't going to work.

''It was one of the most collaborative sets I've been on. There was such exploration within all our characters and we were encouraged to find different elements to these people we portrayed.''

Chris stars as Billy Lee, a charismatic cult leader, in the new movie, and he's admitted to loving the challenge of the role.

He explained: ''I desperately wanted to do something like this, and not just for the sake of being a villain.

''There are certain rules when you are playing the hero of a film.

''I've spent a lot of my career playing the hero, which becomes predictable, and so, to be unpredictable and turn left when you should turn right, and continually keep yourself guessing was great. I wanted everything to feel foreign and different from what I'd done before. Part of that was having such an incredible script.

''You know, I think it is really good to roll the dice and take new risks like this. It was very satisfying and enjoyable.''