Chris Hemsworth, Mahershala Ali, Andy Cohen and Cindy Crawford are among those who will receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's Walk of Fame Selection Committee have unveiled a list of 35 ''unique'' celebrities from the worlds of film, music, TV, performance, and radio who will be honoured in 2020, with the likes of Alicia Keys, Elvis Costello, Nigel Lythgoe, Dave Chappelle, and Milo Ventimiglia also set to receive their spots.

Selection Committee Chair Vin Di Bona said: ''The Walk of Fame Selection Committee is pleased to announce our newest honourees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

''This year's choices were particularly unique. We were able to recognise the talents of thirty-five artists who have already built a legacy here in Hollywood.''

Recipients have two years to schedule their ceremonies from the date of being selected.

One person who hasn't made the list for next year is the late Carrie Fisher, whose 'Star Wars' co-star Mark Hamill, who recently suggested his friend should get a spot in place of former 'Apprentice' star and current US President, Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, the 'Child's Play' star shared a 2018 article calling for the president's star to be replaced and added on Twitter: ''Good riddance! (and I know just who should replace him....)#AStarForCarrie (sic)''

However, stars are never removed from the walk and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce explained that, while they would ''love'' for Carrie - who passed away in December 2016 - to feature on the walk, she isn't eligible yet.

Spokesperson Ana Martinez said: ''We would love for Carrie Fisher to have a star, but the application has to be submitted on the fifth anniversary of her death.''

In addition, a family member would have to agree to the installation and pay out around $50,000 for the spot.

2020 Hollywood Walk of Fame honourees:


Mahershala Ali


Ruth E. Carter

Laurence Fishburne

Chris Hemsworth

Spike Lee

Julia Roberts

Octavia Spencer

Lina Wertmüller


Christina Applegate

Andy Cohen

Cindy Crawford

Terry Crews

Harry Friedman

Kathie Lee Gifford

Nigel Lythgoe

Milo Ventimiglia

Burt Ward

Wendy Williams

Dr. Phil McGraw

Andy Kaufman (Posthumous)


Elvis Costello

Sir Lucian Grainge

Billy Idol

50 Cent

Alicia Keys

Andy Madadian

Mo Ostin

Bobby Rydell

Alejandro Sanz

Tanya Tucker

Muddy Waters (Posthumous)


Dave Chappelle

Billy Porter


Susan Stamberg