New father Chris O'Donnell was forced to relive his wife Caroline Fentress' childbirth pains recently, when doctor's treated his herniated disc with an epidural. The Batman + ROBIN actor soon regretted blithely dismissing his wife's concerns over the pain-relieving procedure when she gave birth to baby FINLEY in March (06). And O'Donnell admits his flippant behaviour extended to enjoying a beer while his frantic wife was experiencing labour pains. He explains, "I sit there and watch her get this gigantic needle stuck in her for the epidural. I'm like, 'Honey, it's no big deal.' "At this point I just have a cold beer and lean back and watch her get this big needle stuck in her. "Two weeks later I get a herniated disk in my back and had to get an epidural myself. "I'm the biggest baby when it comes to needles. I told them, 'You have to completely knock me out. I know what that needle looks like!'"