Chris Pine is set to star in 'Violence of Action'.

The 38-year-old actor has signed up for the independent black ops action-thriller, which will be directed by Tarik Saleh from a J.P. Davis script.

Chris will star as a man who joins a paramilitary group to support his family after he is involuntarily discharged from the Marines, according to Deadline.

After travelling to Poland on a black ops mission with his team, he finds himself alone and on the run in Eastern Europe after being betrayed.

The movie will follow his mission to get home and investigate those who betrayed him.

Meanwhile, Chris will appear in the 'Wonder Woman' sequel next year, even though his character, American fighter pilot Steve Trevor, seemingly gave his life by flying a bomb away from its intended target in the original movie.

According to the film's director Patty Jenkins, she knew Steve would feature in the follow-up whilst she was ''in the middle of making the first movie'' and everything will be explained properly when the final cut of the film hits cinemas.

Patty said: ''I thought of what this next movie should be in the middle of making the first movie, so it wasn't a solution to, 'Oh god, that was worked out, let's try to jam you in there.' It's all incredibly important to the story. It makes perfect sense, that's all I can say.''

'Wonder Woman 1984' will see Gal Gadot reprise her role as the titular Amazonian superhero Diana Prince.

The DC Extended Universe movie was originally slated for release in November 2019, but it has now been delayed until June 5, 2020.