Chris Pine had to ''come to terms with'' Gal Gadot having a more ''badass'' role than him in 'Wonder Woman'.

The hunky actor plays Steve Trevor, the love interest to the actress' titular character and while he had a ''good time'' working with the 32-year-old beauty, he joked it was a blow to the ego to have fewer action scenes or stunts than his co-star.

He said: ''I thought she was great, and we all had a good time.

''Quite honestly, she had all this wire work and stuff and I really like guns and jumping and getting hit and brawling.

''She saves me, and sometimes I save her. But she's definitely way more badass than I am, and my little man ego had to come to terms with that fast.''

The 36-year-old actor admitted it was ''nice'' not to have the lead role in a film and the pressure that comes with having to ''carry'' a project, and insisted it doesn't bother him whether or not he has top billing.

Asked if he is co-lead or a supporting character, he told SFX magazine: ''I don't know. I mean, the movie is called ''Wonder Woman', so it's definitely Gal's show and she does a tremendous job leading it.

''And yeah, I'm there to basically fall in love with her and to go on this journey that she leads to essentially save the world.

''There was definitely a nice diminishing of responsibilities [rather than] to have to carry something.

''I really have no problem with where I am on the call sheet.''