Former model Christie Brinkley fought back tears during a live U.S. TV interview on Tuesday (27Mar12) as she opened up about her bitter court battle with ex-husband Peter Cook.
The former couple has been locked in a war of words ever since it split in 2008 and the court fight turned ugly in 2009 when a judge overseeing the case ordered Cook be fined $5,000 (£3,125) each time he spoke negatively about the model/actress.
Brinkley filed legal papers in November (11), claiming the architect had violated their divorce court ruling a total of 28 times by sending her abusive emails, but Cook has recently denied any wrongdoing, insisting the model/actress is the one to blame for throwing her family "under the bus".
Now the blonde beauty has spoken out to condemn Cook's smear campaign and plead for privacy in the media, confessing she's tired of fighting and just wants to put an end to the hostility for the sake of their kids, Jack, 16 and Sailor, 13.
During an appearance on breakfast show Today on Tuesday, she said, "Since the day he realised I wasn't coming back, there has been a real character assassination going on... I filed (the court papers in 2011) mainly because I wanted to protect myself and my children.
"I have a right to peace. I just want peace. And besides the confidentiality agreement, I also asked for, and got, an agreement that demands civility, that demands him to stop berating me every opportunity that he can get."
Brinkley is hoping her fight for decency will help protect others involved in bitter, high-profile divorces: "I think we need to have legislation that protects families from a spouse, who has been diagnosed by a court-appointed forensic psychiatrist as a bona fide or malignant extreme narcissist... This is something that the courts need to come to grips with.
"What the experts say is you need to have a no-contact rule and... I have not had any contact with him but he continues to contact me and that's the problem. So I quietly asked the judge, 'Please make this stop, protect my right to peace.' I just want peace for my family. Every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to destroy it."
Brinkley is currently receiving rave reviews for her performance in the musical Chicago.