Christie Brinkley says it's ''not easy'' to date now that she's older.

The 63-year-old model - who was previously married to Jean-Francois Allaux, Billy Joel, Richard Taubman and Peter Cook - has admitted she finds it more difficult to meet a potential partner now that she's not as young as she used to be.

She said: ''You know, because it's very different at my age. It's like, when you're young, no problem. But sort of at this age, it's not as easy.''

And the blonde beauty hopes her friends will be able to set her up with the perfect man.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she added: ''You know, I'm counting on my friends to, like, pull something out of the hat.''

The news comes after she recently insisted there was no-one special in her life at the moment, as she's ''too busy'' for romance.

She said: ''There's nobody right now. I'm loving my summer and, you know, kind of really too busy ... but I'd slow it down a little if the right person came along.''

It's not the first time Christie has bemoaned finding a partner within her own age group either, as she previously said she feels ''invisible'' to men her own age.

She said: ''It seems like during this period that most of the guys are like 38, 39, 42, like that sort of age group.

''It's funny because I think that at that age they have nothing to prove. They're very confident and do just what they want to do. [With] men my age I feel quite invisible to them.

''I think a ten-year span is fine.''