Sailor Brinkley-Cook and her model mum posed for the snap on Tuesday (16Aug16), and the 62-year-old shared the image on Instagram, revealing her 18-year-old daughter was off to college.

Mother and daughter wore matching outfits as Sailor made the move out of the family home to attend Parsons School of Design in New York City.

"Brinkley Moving Company! We Get the job done," Christie sweetly captioned the shot, which sparked a storm of nasty hate as trolls lashed out at those who compared mother and daughter.

"Sorry but she looks nothing like her mother," one wrote. "She's average looking at best."

"I think Alexa (Sailor's 30-year-old sister) is actually prettier than Sailor," commented another.

Sailor took to Instagram on Wednesday (17Aug16), and posted a screenshot of the negative comments with a lengthy caption claiming she was done with online trolls.

"I usually never read the comment section under any stupid article about me. And when i do i usually never take the comments to heart... But i am so fed up," she wrote.

Sailor went on to slam the online trolls and Christie is now applauding her daughter for taking a stand.

"If you're reading this on a smart phone, You are holding a powerful tool in the palm of your hand," she wrote on on Thursday (18Aug16). "It has the power to shape people's lives, self esteem, and confidence. It can make them feel good, or scar them for life.

"Let's all choose to use this machine to make the world a kinder more beautiful place. Let's choose to create beauty, through mutual respect, compassion and love. Bravo @sailorbrinkleycook sometimes when we we stand up for ourselves, we are standing up for each other. I think we're one post closer to A kinder world."