Christie Brinkley 's ex-husband has accused her of reigniting their divorce drama in order to get publicity for her return to the stage in Chicago. Four years after the couple divorced, the accusations have started flying once more, ABC News reported yesterday (March 7, 2012). 58 year-old architect Peter Cook has accused Brinkley of "throwing (her) family under the bus" as a means of gaining extra publicity for her career.
Brinkley claims that her ex-husband failed to pay the correct amount of child support last year. Cook claims that this was because the children were in his full time care. In response to her claims that he is a bad parent, Cook fronted with a passionate counter-argument, saying "She can use her celebrity to get the media to say 'He's a bad guy.' You know . I'm not trying to sell tickets to anything. I don't want this press. I'm not interested in it. And there's got to be a better way for her to do it. Go do a charitable act or something, get your name in the paper."