Ok, The Voice finale happened last night (June 18), there were winners and there were losers, etc, but can we pause for a second to talk about Christina Aguilera and her whole performance? Now, if we’re being honest, Christina Aguilera hasn’t really been around that much since about 2010. Remember when she used to sing about her Candyman’s sweet, sweet love and the deep misery of her heart in skimpy, sequined outfits? Those were the days.

But Ms Aguilera’s stock might still be on the rise, as she so clearly demonstrated with her latest appearance on the reality format. Christina and The Voice go way back, but this time she returned in a whole new light. She sang her single 'Feel This Moment' alongside eternal collaborator to pretty much anyone, Pitbull and ok, 'Feel This Moment' is a remix of a much older tune and a collaboration with Pitbull is often the final refuge of the fading celebrity, but Christina certainly showed that she still has the singing chops needed for the job.

The energy of that performance was pretty impressive – we don’t know what Adam Levine and co. had to say about it, but they probably approved. All in all, it looks like all Aguilera needs are a few good songwriters and a quality producer and her fortunes may just change. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Christina was great, the performance was solid and she looked stunning in that outfit. At this point, that might be all Aguilera fans can hope for.

Christina Aguilera TIME 100 Gala
 Christina's looking pretty good these days.

Christina Aguilera, The Voice Screening
And who doesn't love a comeback story.